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Smithy Returns in 2024!

April of 2021 saw the publication of my novel Smithy, the story of a chimpanzee raised in a storied Newport, RI mansion who just might have the ability to use language--and who just might be using it to communicate with a spirit lurking in the house.

Smithy's journey didn't end when that book ended. When I initially prepared the manuscript of Smithy's story, it was much longer, covering a twenty-year trajectory. That final draft was so long that I ended up splitting it in half. Part I became Smithy. Now, Inkshares will be releasing Part II of Smithy's remarkable adventure this February in a book called Webster.

The forthcoming book follows Smithy as he departs Trevor Hall and travels across the country to a research lab in California. Ruby and Jeff hope this new environment will give Smithy a fresh start and an opportunity to further develop his sign language skills. Instead, they are dismayed to discover the director of the Center for the Scientific Advancement of Man is an abusive bully who neglects the welfare of the animals and tyrannizes his employees. Worse, accidents in the lab and unruly behavior from the research apes suggest that a phantom presence is still hovering over Smithy. Has the "Dark Woman" followed him from Trevor Hall, or are new entities converging on him?

As word spreads of the weird events at CSAM and Smithy's unusual abilities, his notoriety grows to worldwide proportions, eventually claiming headlines, a place in the court of public opinion, and participation in the court of law. It's a story about belief in the mysterious and faith in the unseen. I think it will thrill you. It may amaze you. It might even . . .terrify you.

I hope you will join me and Smithy for the conclusion of a saga that is out of this world.

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