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Guest Appearance on "Terror at Collinwood" Podcast

Recently I was given the opportunity to help spread some terror at Collinwood with horror hostess Penny Dreadful (aka Danielle Gelehrter) on her podcast, appropriately titled "Terror at Collinwood," which celebrates all things related to the TV series "Dark Shadows." I joined author Katherine Kerestman in a discussion of the penultimate story line set in 1840.

This podcast gave me the chance to return to my roots. "Dark Shadows" has been a favorite show for many years. During the 2000s, I faithfully attended the annual Festivals and participated in fan discussions online. "Dark Shadows" gave me the chance to practice my creativity through writing skits, stories, and song parodies.

It was an honor to speak with Penny and Katherine about this elaborate and eventful period in the series.

Video of the conversation can be viewed here:

You can download this and other episodes from the podcast and subscribe to it here:

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